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You Who do you think the mystery GM of raw plus BQ?

Idea by : Who do you think is the mystery GM on Raw plus BQ?

I think it is Stone Cold as in the “emails” which are “instant messagings” say and I quote ” And that is the bottom line because I said so”

BQ: When will they announce who the mystery GM is?

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Answer by Nun-Uv Yer-Biznis

I dont agree with you that it is Stone Cold. It would be very entertaining though. I have no clue who it is.

BQ: who knows. probably a while. like a few months.

Answer by 4:20™

I don’t think the writing team really knows who the GM will be but if I had to pick someone I would go with JBL

BQ: Couple Months

Answer by K3

I know 2 things for a fact, one it’s not stone cold, and 2 people need to quit asking this question, it’s asked at least 10-20 times a day.

BQ- I thought it would be at summerslam, or the 900th episode, so I have no idea, maybe at night of champions

Answer by Pook S™

The emails saying Stone Cold’s quote doesn’t mean it’s Stone Cold, the GM also said a DX line, their just trying to work the crowd into believing it’s one of those two.

BQ: I pray to god soon.. It’s so annoying, and Michael Cole saying “and I quote” before every e-mail, Im like he didn’t even say anything yet.

Answer by Captain!

It is not Austin, that was said to get people talking, he is not ever coming back full time to wrestling, the question that should be asked is do the WWE know who it is, I say they are making this up as they go along and hoping to get someone decent that they can say is the GM, my guess is that it will end up being a huge disapointment and will end up being someone like Vince McMahon

Answer by Dass

A) They’ve also hinted at DX and Roddy Piper, why doesn’t anyone remember that?

B) Since he/she wasn’t revealed on episode 900, I seriously doubt they actually have one.

Answer by T.A.B™

Well that was a trick just to let you know because a few weeks later it said “If your not down with that i got two words for you”. Stone Cold even said he wasn’t and that they tricked the fans. I think it might be Triple H who was the Original choice for the job until he was injured in Summer. It was Stone Cold too but that was only a thought in WWE’s head. They thought the Rock who was supposed to host for the summer but he’s too busy. Abraham washington was supposed to be it incase HHH couldn’t do it but WWE thought he wasn’t ready for the job. So my Guess is HHH or Rock

BQ: Whenever WWE finds out who the new GM is because they dont even know who it is.

Answer by Latashia Roberts

It could be Stephanie Mcmahon.

BQ- She could be the general manager to tie into Triple H’s return.

Answer by kane 316

i think it is hhh

bq who knows

Answer by Broken Dreams

The GM is Michael Cole. He’s the one making all the decisions and telling the world.

He just remains anonymous with a flicker of the lights and a random sound effect which symbolizes a email. Cole then lifts it to reveal random sentences on a screen.

Do you see Michael Cole reading off the screen?

Or do you see Michael Cole tell the world the decisions with strong emotion and direction?

It certainly isn’t sounding like it is read of a screen.

The reaction Cole is getting each & every week, the boos further suggest that Michael Cole is the GM of Raw.

The heat is getting from fans in attendance & of alot of people on Y!A’s proves Cole is perfect for the job.

I cannot wait until he is officially announced.

It will be announced in some sorts or another at The Survivor Series.

Reason being is because Vince McMahon is wanting something big to happen at Survivor Series to re mark the event with a BANG after the near cancellation of the ppv.

Answer by Nathan H

They have used many quotes from popular stars like Roddy Piper and DX. They don’t have a clue who the gm is. That’s why the GM is anonymous. They are trying to find somebody for the position.

BQ: I hope they reveal the GM soon, I am getting sick of hearing Michael Cole say “Excuse me, may I have your attention please. I have received another email from our anonymous general manager. And I quote” I don’t know when but it better be soon.

Answer by Andres Felipe


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hotmail isn’t email? – 4/365/2010

Snapshot with hotmail isn’t email? – 4/365/2010

So for today’s shot I decided to forgo aesthetics for… other stuff.

I was visiting another local school today and in one of the designated desktop-computer labs, I noticed these nifty little stickers attached to the top of each monitor. I couldn’t resist grabbing my little snapshot camera from my laptop bag.

Now, I must say at the outset that I don’t know if this policy is still in effect at this particular school or not. I also thought it interesting to mention Hotmail in addition to email. Hmmm. Not that anyone really uses it much anymore. This somewhat makes me think the stickers have just been up for years on end without being taken down. I also thought it interesting that apparently, some games might qualify as an "educational site" — but that any sort of communication or collaboration tool was just plain banned as being noneducational.

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You Who do you think the mystery GM of raw plus BQ?

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