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What’s wrong with my computer, takes

Main issue courtesy of Spinning Times LLC: My computer gets stuck, What is wrong with it?

I have never had this problem before. I press “check e mail” and I have to wait forever for anything to load. It gets stuck half way through the process. This happens even when I want to go on different sights. I did a disk clean up, a defrag, virus scans, even ran windows care,nothing helps. It takes forever to do something that usually took a second. Any suggestions on how I can fix this.

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Answer by Jerry J

Download and run spybot

Answer by Warrior Within ZX

is ur computer a bit old, or filled 2 d brim, or has a lot of softwares installed in it, its possibly the large no. of applications running in background thats slowin down ur computer, try unistalling non-necessary 1s n also try a registry cleaner n also remove some start up items

Answer by Ernie B

Right click My Computer, Manage, Event Viewer, check system and Applications for Errors.

Google the error code for possible fixes.

Learned from experience, over 10years fixing friends and family’s computers

Good Luck

Answer by jdgothtech

Spy-bot S&D is a great program, run and reboot then run again, it may take a few times to get everything. Also check add remove programs for anything that looks out of place or that you do not remember installing, they can be hard to spot sometimes but rouge programs sometimes get installedd that eat upresources.

Answer by Robert E

Next time it happens press CTRL+Alt+Del and select “task manager”. Select the “Processes” section. Sort the list by clicking on “CPU” at the top of the list. Look for a process that takes up a lot of processor time. It will give you a hint of what the culprit is.

I often find Internet Explorer at the top of the list (iexplorer.exe). It may only use 30 percent of CPU power but it makes the computer very slow. I usually kill it bye selecting it and press “End process”.

If you have a security suite like Norton Antivirus it may have started a background scanning of viruses. This doesn’t show but makes the computer very slow. The scanning can take several minutes but it only happens ones in a while. Newer versions of Norton also scans emails for viruses. You can turn off the feature if you find it annoying.

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What’s wrong with my computer, takes

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