Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What kind of e-mail’ve banned the use?

Real question by kimj2010: What kind of e-mails would get you banned from using it?

I know this guy who is in the Navy and I’ve been e-mailing him (using his navy address) and he hasn’t emailed me back. I finally spoke to him today and he said he couldn’t use it because he got “a messed up e-mail”. I didn’t ask him what kind of email it was, but I meant to. I’m thinking something extremely sexual or maybe something regarding terrorism or attacking his ship. IDK. PLEASE HELP.

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Answer by Wounded Duck

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Answer by Mrsjvb

if he is on board a ship, his email SUCKS. slow connection, limited bandwidth just plain crappy. Think the worst ever dial up service you could imagine.. then make it twice as bad.

if he is on shore duty..NMCI is worse than ship board email. Its nickname is No Mail Coming In.

it doesn’t take much to foul up an official email account.

Answer by man_marathon

he may have recieved office hours

Answer by Brnskngyurl

The only two possible things I can think of are something extremely sexual (maybe involving child porn) (sorry) or something having to do with terrorism. Another thing that comes to mind is maybe an e-mail containing some graphic content (dead bodies). I don’t know. In another aspect he could have been lying about using e-mail. You’re smart and will figure out what you believe, but one thing I say is believe in yourself and in your heart.

Answer by conranger1

More than likely your return address was missing due to corruption / a glitch of the computer code, or his server bans receiving emails from certain email providers.

Nothing Sexual or terrorist connected with the problem just a technical hiccup.

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What kind of e-mail’ve banned the use?

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