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Testimonials on Olympus C-2100 2MP Digital Camera w/ 10x Optical Zoom ® Olympus

cuppasweets2go.blogspot.com ® Testimonials on Olympus C-2100 2MP Digital Camera w/ 10x Optical Zoom ® Olympus
Testimonials on Olympus C-2100 2MP Digital Camera w/ 10x Optical Zoom ® Olympus

Description:In addition to three conversion lenses, the camera also comes with it’s original box, manual, Camedia software, camera case, Memory card, USB cable, AC Adapter and rechargeable battery pack with batteries. You have everything you need to take great pictures and it comes as a fabulous packaged deal.The Olympus C2100 UZ’s most impressive feature is also its most obvious one: the massive 10x optical zoom lens that protrudes from the camera. Normally, it would be difficult to take advantage of a lens this powerful without using a tripod. Why? At full zoom, the camera focuses on such a small area that even the most minute movements result in a blurry image. Fortunately, Olympus equips the camera with optical image stabilization, a complex system that senses shakes and wobbles and continuously adjusts the lenses to compensate.

Olympus adds yet another high-tech feature on this camera by replacing the traditional optical viewfinder with a camcorder-style electronic viewfinder (EVF)–a tiny LCD screen inside the eyepiece. The benefits of this arrangement are obvious: the EVF provides a traditional SLR-style through-the-lens viewing experience, works well even in bright sunlight, lets you hold the camera in the more stable, traditional position, and helps to extend battery life. The 2100 UZ does have a standard 1.8-inch LCD on the back to compose, review, and share images as you would on most digital cameras.

With the exception of the lens and the electronic viewfinder, the 2100 UZ is essentially a 2-megapixel version of the popular C-3000Z. If you like tinkering with your camera’s settings, you’ll love this camera–it features shutter-priority and aperture-priority modes, manually adjustable focus, adjustable ISO, manual exposure, exposure compensation, and even a multimode flash with slow-sync abilities.

Olympus has been criticized for “only” having a 2.1-megapixel sensor in this camera, when many new cameras (including several Olympus models) are now shipping with 3- and even 4-megapixel sensors. Though we certainly wouldn’t mind if Olympus released a 3-megapixel version of this camera, we found that the sharp optics and minimal compression used by Olympus resulted in crisp, sharp prints even at 8 by 10 inches.

If you’re currently using an SLR and are considering a digital camera, the 2100 UZ is a great choice. Its lens isn’t removable or interchangeable, but is flexible enough to capture virtually any photo, and the full range of manual controls will help an experienced photographer to get the exact shot he or she wants.


  • 10x optical, 2.7x digital zoom

  • Optical image stabilization

  • Full manual controls


  • 2.1-megapixel sensor is adequate, but 3.3 megapixels would shine

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