Sunday, April 7, 2013

“Movie Star Diet” fraudulent transactions?

Issue by dayner: Is this “the Movie Star Diet” a fraudulent deal?

I stupidly and impulsively ordered this stupid e book and there is no contact info for these peopl on this site. The “e-mail” is being returned to me.

Undoubtedly details Is this “the Movie Star Diet” a fraudulent deal? that you can should try to fix issues for their own end. With some luck , this will assist you in lots of ways; and help make the way you live considerably better. With the expectation details Is this “the Movie Star Diet” a fraudulent deal? are likely to be a treatment from now on.

Most practical answer:

Answer by Tara Fabulous

Well, yes, but if you feel you have been misled, call your local Better Business Bureau

Have any idea better?

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Day 28: Color my life

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“Movie Star Diet” fraudulent transactions?

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