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How much cost? S.A.S.E

Topic made by Jabberjay: How much does a S.A.S.E cost?

I am planning to write to a young celebrity but don’t know how to send a card lol! Its my first time doing this and I am nervous. I need to know how to do everything. From where to send the card to how to write an appropriate one. Also I would like to know the TRUE mail “not e-mail” of these actors and singers: Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, Kristen Kreuk, Tom Welling.

Please be sure that the mail addresses are right and true. Thank you.

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Answer by Annie

you’ll need to look up their ‘agency’ address. you won’t find their actual adress. the best way to do that is to go to their “official” website, which will usually have an adress where you can send mail. when you write, just write what you want to say, keeping in mind that although you might feel really close to the person, you are only one of millions to them. nothing creepy or stalkerish. as far as a sase is concerned, you don’t need to send one. the postage on a sase is based on the letter/package being sent, and you’re not going to know what they’ might send. I’ve written to a few celebs and always get something back. usually an autographed 8″x10″, but i have gotten a couple like form letters, and one handwritten letter. you never know.

Answer by Andrew

Don’t be nervous as celibrities are human beings just like you and me. First off, you won’t be able to find their real mailing address. Fan mail is sent to the agency address or the address of the record label, contract company, etc. Inside the jacket of a Taylor Swift CD, for example, there will be an address liste.

Second, don’t just write “OMG I’m like totally your biggest fan EVER!” The agency gets plenty of those letters and all you will get is a signed picture and maybe a form letter. Write something different that will stand out to them. When my sister and brother in-law got married they wrote Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter (while he was still alive), and invited him to officiate the wedding (not the priest’s job, but the announcer for it). While obviously he declined he sent a handwritten letter, signed photo, and an invitation (which they accepted) to meet him at his zoo if they were ever in Australia. I’m quite certain that “OMG I LOVE YOU” would not have elicited that kind of response.

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How much cost? S.A.S.E

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