Monday, April 8, 2013

How “E”, “e-mail” or “email” you can write the words?

Challenge by Esperanza BY 1st_acc♥unt: How is it write to say ” email”, “e-mail” or “eMail”?

Well, there is no really one definite answer, i know.

But I need a survey for my research paper for school:) So feel free to tell anything you think.

~Esperanza ~

It’s really info on How is it write to say ” email”, “e-mail” or “eMail”? which you may really have to fix issues themselves. I hope this element helps in several ways, and create everything better. Hoping info on How is it write to say ” email”, “e-mail” or “eMail”? is going to be the most effective results sooner or later.

Most practical answer:

Answer by Christie


Answer by I ♥ Daddy Yankee’s Smile


Answer by LittleSis

I’ve written it in different ways: email, eMail and e-mail. I used to write it e-mail but now I just write email.

Answer by luvs2 splooge


email is the shorthand version, but the proper way to spell it is with the hyphen.

Answer by ApplesNOranges


Answer by crelei

it is E-MAIL

Its on wikipedia

Answer by Soñadora (y CeZaR)


Electronic mail?

Answer by sam

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well the most important is what you like ???.., OK, so better go with your chocie.

have a nice day ^_^ !!!

Answer by Louise


Answer by Janet (TGJT)


Have any idea good?

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How “E”, “e-mail” or “email” you can write the words?

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