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How delicate not put a “child”?

Query caused by conusgypsy: How do you put “no children” delicately?

I enjoy entertaining, but I do not like children at adult parties. I find them very noisy, obnoxious and distracting. Also, when I have space for 20 people, I want to invite 20 adults, not 5 couples and their kids. I usually write on the invitation the names of the invitees or in the e-mail “you and your spouse/significant other,” but invariable someone will assume their progeny are also invited. If they don’t assume it they ask if they can bring them. What is a polite way to explain that kids are not welcome.

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Answer by PiNkY

Couples Only

Adults Only (but you may have a few showing up for a different reason!)

You could always annotate the name of a recommended sitter at the bottom – if they don’t get THAT hint, they’re mighty thick and you may want to make a few new friends to replace them!

Answer by ♥Lyndsey♥

Maybe you could say Adults only, instead of no children.

Something like: “And be sure to find a sitter as this is will be a fun adult only party!”

Answer by JonV

“We regret that we can’t accommodate children.”

Answer by Princess of the Realm

You could put an up tempo happy message, like “Sorry everyone, no kids at this party” or “Get your babysitters ready” or something like that on the invite. I understand you completely……..I have no idea why some parents insist on bringing their little ones everywhere.

Answer by Ann M

As much as I love your children, let’s make this an adults only gathering. We’ll plan something another time to include the kids. I hope you can still make it!

Answer by Maria b

Can you just put “Adults only”, or “This is an evening that children would not enjoy, it is geared to adults only”.

Answer by sma200

i dont know if there is a nice way to say DON’T BRING YOUR CHILDREN….

if you want to invite 20 adults and not their children, then most likely they 20 adults that you invited will not come. you might have 10 come… or so on.

BUT there is probably a better way to sublemily suggest it… o

come for ADULT fun???

write on the invite ……..Give yourself a break from your daily kiddos life and come and have some fun with your friends.

Answer by Mr. Taco

Just say it. “Couples Only” or “Adults Only.” That said, you may want to provide them with a babysitter. They are expensive. That is why people presume to bring their kids.

Answer by l_mole

You really are a person after my own heart! haha, Back to your dilema, how about something like “Leave the little brats at home!”

Answer by Clo is lovely !!

I love “Adult parties”. As other answerer stated, put “Adults only” on the invitation.

Answer by embeddeddog

PS: This party is rated R!


PS: Swingers only!


BYOD – Bring your own drugs!

- those will usually work for keeping kids away without actually saying “no kids”

Answer by HarleyKat

I sincerely do not think this is something that SHOULD be done delicately…but rather, FIRMLY.

And adult event is an adult event for a reason!

I would simply state, “This is an adult ONLY event so please make arrangements for your child, no matter the age!”

You might want to add a footnote of, “We understand that childcare can be expensive, however we stand firm on this being an adult only event and hope that you will be able to make arrangements.”

WHY people would even want their children at such an event, baffles me! I mean, smoking, drinking, adult language and content of topics discussed…sheesh!

Answer by Asuka

you just say “NO CHILDREN PLEASE”

adult party only

Answer by ~*~Dr Dawna Malpractice~*~

Make fun invitations!

Every year when we have our End of Summer party, we send invitations, that say: “It’s time to call the sitter!”

on the inside we give the date time and other pertinent details of the party and mention again, that for safety reasons, we don’t want children at the party.

It’s a good idea to make sure you send the invitations early enough that parents are able to get a sitter. As a mother, I know how difficult it can be on short notice.

Most parents love the idea of an intimate night out with friends without their children. Making note that alcohol will be served and that you care for the safety and well being of their children usually rules out any feelings that you’re being rude.

Good luck!

Answer by Classy chick

oh I so know where you are coming from.

I also entertain and do it with couples who have children and without fail even if I host a late eve party they bring the rugrats.

I have now gone and labeled all my invites with “couples only” I hear no rumblings and now find that the couples really enjoy a night out without the kids. Also I got the name and numbers of a few local babysitters just in case one called and said “I cant find a babysitter”

Best of luck

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How delicate not put a “child”?

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