Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Do email people answer my question?

Real question basically by Dianee J: How do I email someone who answered my question?

I posted a question on yahoo answers .I would like to email a person who answered my question.I clicked on their name , then I clicked on “email ?????” and this is what came up on the screen :

enable yahoo answers email communications .I tried everything but cant seem to send the email ..

This may be info on How do I email someone who answered my question? which you may really need to fix dilemmas on his or her. I really hope this will assist in several ways: may create yourself far better. Desiring info on How do I email someone who answered my question? will probably be the very best in the future.


Answer by ωнιzzz

You can’t send emails when you don’t allow them. Go here http://answers.yahoo.com/my-activity/edit/about Click Privacy & Communications and check the email option –The Answers Community can contact me:

Via Email (Your address will remain private)

Via Yahoo! Messenger (This will make your messenger and Yahoo! ID visible to the Answers community) <<<<<<<This is your choice, you can send emails without this but not I.M Finally be sure to click submit.

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Threadless Email Reminder

Artwork from Threadless Email Reminder

I love the attention to detail over at Threadless. I had this shirt in my cart and they emailed me to let me know that stock is low so I could order before they sold out. Awesome.

Do email people answer my question?

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