Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Child care centers may refuse to hire men?

Consider created by Jimbo: Can a daycare center refuse to hire a male?

is that considered discrimination?

Here is what they wrote in the e-mail:

“While we do not discriminate on the basis of gender, our experience has been that customers are more comfortable leaving their children with female care givers. Therefore, it is our standing policy not to hire males for this position.”

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Answer by laughter_every_day

If the employer is in the u.s, it is illegal. They do indeed discriminate if they have a policy of not hiring men for a certain position.

Answer by zzsleepur

if I had children in day care I would appreciate that thought! My son is a teacher and he loved teaching elementary. He went to high school because they are not allowed to hug or help children on the bus if they are men because of the strong possibility of being accused of touching them in the wrong way! It broke his heart because he is a great dad and when kids wanted to hug him he had to say no and they don’t understand.

STILL..I don’t know if it is right or wrong…but I would be uncomfortable and would appreciate that stand. Not saying you are guilty of anything…but people believe MJ was a good guy..and he was NOT!

I wouldn’t even want my son joining boy scouts anymore…it is a sad sad world.

Answer by Mark

thats sexism if they didnt hire you in the US then you can sue their butts for a buttload of cash.

Answer by LenaLumpLump

They cannot actually tell you that they didn’t hire you because you are a male. When they put it in writing, they broke the law. Seek out legal counsel.

Answer by What da Funk

It is actually to protect you as a caregiver, in my church the very young girls crawl all over the teen boys that we have in our nursery and the teen guys have been told not to allow this, it looks pediphilish, while we understand that ome of the young girls have deployed dad’s or they come from single parent homes, we do not want people who walk by to look into the window and over interpret the situation, our men also do not change diapers. I have been accused of applying too m uch pressure when changign a female child diaper and left scratch marks somehow, to protect you form being accused of child abuse or pediphilia (once you are accused, evne if you are innocent, your name is tarnished forever)it is just better that you are not hired.

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Child care centers may refuse to hire men?

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