Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happens that Delta flight attendants?

Request by Kilakila: How is it being a Delta flight attendant?

I’ve been reading some pretty conflicting quotes on how much Delta flight attendants make and how the living conditions are and how much they work.

The worst I’ve seen included claims that it pays $ 9 an hour, you don’t get more than 50 hours a MONTH and that you must live in bunk-bed dorms in Tampa or Atlanta.

I don’t mind relocating, but I was hoping that the pay came out to at least $ 2,000 a month if nothing else.

They were looking for bilingual flight attendants and I just got called for a final interview in Atlanta. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if I’m wasting my time.

Please only tell me if you absolutely know for sure. If you currently work for Delta and can’t say, please type “e-mail” and I’ll post my address. Of course, I’ll still give you best answer if it is.

Please and thank you!

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Most practical answer:

Answer by Sussie V

it’s tough, I have an aunt who works for American and she has worked there now for just over 2 years. last year she brought in $ 21,500, her first year was under $ 20,000. American pays slightly better than Delta from what I hear ( Especially for Pilots ) but I coulden’t give you exact details for Delta. She got hired after 6 years working SkyWest airlines ( a regional carrier. )

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Happens that Delta flight attendants?

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